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From registration to treatment

Demand for mental healthcare services in the Netherlands is high, which is why Praktijk Lastage strives to effectively coordinate your care request with the care options we offer. This page provides a brief overview of topics you can expect to encounter when registering for diagnostics or treatment at Praktijk Lastage.

Referral letter

To register for our services, you will need a referral letter from your general practitioner or medical specialist. Please note that we cannot accept registrations without a referral letter.

Waiting time

At Praktijk Lastage, requests for health services related to pregnancy are given priority. However, there may be times when our practice is at full capacity. To inquire about the availability of care options for your specific needs, please send a message using our contact form.


If, upon contacting us through the contact form on our website, it is determined that your care needs align with the services we offer, you will be provided with registration forms to complete prior to your initial in-person consultation.

Health insurance

Praktijk Lastage does not have contracts with health insurers. It is your responsibility to verify the extent of reimbursement provided by your health insurer for the services offered by our practice, as well as to inform yourself whether any restrictions apply.

Diagnostic consult

The initial consultations at Praktijk Lastage serve as diagnostic sessions, during which your care needs are thoroughly assessed. In collaboration with you, an appropriate treatment plan will be determined or other follow-up actions, such as referrals, will be considered based on the findings.

Treatment consult

Upon beginning treatment at Praktijk Lastage, you will have regular treatment appointments, also referred to as consultations. Ideally, these sessions take place in-person; however, video consultations can be arranged when necessary.

Treatment contract

A treatment contract and care plan will be collaboratively developed, outlining essential information about care needs, diagnosis, treatment objectives, contact details of individuals directly involved, and any preferences to be indicated (e.g. privacy). Both the patient and the practitioner will sign this agreement.

Locum tenency

Illness: In the event that the psychiatrist is briefly unwell, you will be notified via email or SMS that your appointment has been canceled. Should the psychiatrist's illness persist for an extended period, a suitable replacement will be discussed and arranged with you.

Holidays: Any planned holidays or absences will be communicated to you at least two weeks in advance. Treatment will be temporarily paused during these periods. If you encounter an urgent issue that cannot be delayed, you may reach out to a locum for assistance.

Treatment end

The decision to conclude or continue treatment will be regularly assessed in collaboration with you. Alternative treatment options and potential follow-up steps will also be explored. Upon the conclusion of treatment, the referring party will be informed of the outcome.


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