From registration to treatment

It is busy at the mental healthcare providers in the Netherlands. That is why Praktijk Lastage tries to properly coordinate your care request and our care offer. This page briefly explains topics that you will encounter when you register for diagnostics or treatment at Praktijk Lastage.

Referral letter

You need a referral letter from your general practitioner or medical specialist. You cannot register without a referral letter.

Waiting time

Request for health services aimed at pregnancy are prioritized over other types of psychological problems. Still, it may just as well be that the practice is at capacity. Send a message using the contact form to enquire about current options for the care you seek.

Intake by phone

If your needs and our services seem to match, an appointment by phone with the psychiatrist will be scheduled to discuss treatement options with you, so you can complete the registration. You will then receive registration forms that you must fill in before the first in-person meeting. This information is needed to create your patient record.

Health insurance

Praktijk Lastage has no contracts with health insurers. You must check yourself to what extent your treatment will be reimbursed, prior to the treatment.

Diagnostic consult

The first consultations are diagnostic consultations in which your care needs are further investigated. In consultation with you, a treatment or other follow-up (e.g. referral) will be chosen.

Treatment consult

If you come into treatment at Praktijk Lastage, there will be regular treatment appointments (or consultations as they are called). These preferably take place in-person, but should a situation require it, video consultations are also a possibility.

Treatment contract

A treatment contract and care plan will be drawn up together with you. This contains key facts about your care needs, diagnosis, treatment goals, contact details of people directly involved and various preferences that you can indicate. Both you and your practitioner sign this contract.

Locum tenency

Disease |  If the psychiatrist is ill for a short period of time, you will receive an email message or SMS indicating that your appointment will be cancelled. If the psychiatrist is ill for a long time, a replacement will be sought in consultation with you.
Holidays | A holiday or absence period will be announced to you at least 2 weeks in advance. During absence, treatment is paused. If an urgent question arises that cannot wait, you can contact a locum.

Treatment end

Whether treatment should be concluded or continued will be evaluated regularly in consultation with you. Other treatment options or follow-up steps will also be discussed. If the treatment is concluded, the referrer will be informed about this.


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