Welcome to Praktijk Lastage. Praktijk Lastage is a private mental healthcare practise located in the Lastage neighbourhood in the old city centre of Amsterdam. The practise offers healthcare services, in Dutch but also in English, to patients who are referred to the "gespecialiseerde geestelijke gezondheidszorg" (specialised mental healthcare) or want to consult a psyciatrist privately. You can contact us about treatment options and waiting times if you have received a referral letter by your GP. The information on this website assumes that you are enrolled in the Dutch healthcare system, although it is not strictly required. In case you pay for your treatment yourself, it is possible to consult the psychiatrist without a referral letter.

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About the treatment options of Praktijk Lastage:

  • Praktijk Lastage offers treatment options for: mood disorders, axiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma using EMDR, psychological problems during pregnancy.
  • The diagnostic process and treatment is always carried out by a psychiatrist using the latest medical insights and treatment directives.
  • Praktijk Lastage has no contracts with healthcare insurance companies, but offers healthcare services that are (partially) reimbursed from the so called 'basic care' directives.
  • Praktijk Lastage offers the possibility to consult a psychiatrist without having a referral letter to the specialised mental healthcare.
  • Praktijk Lastage is situated in the basement of a recently renovated monumental canal house in the city center of Amsterdam, close to the central train station. Unfortunately, the entrance to the basement is less accesible for the disabled. In case this is relevant to you, please contact us in advance to see if we can find a solution.
  • Praktijk Lastage is easily reached by bicycle, public transportation and car.
  • De praktijk owes its name to the Lastage neighbourhood, in historical centre of Amsterdam.

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Waiting time

  • Praktijk Lastage currently has no waiting list.

If your treatment can start on short notice or after a reasonable waiting time, varies per month. Praktijk Lastage may have a treatment slot available on a time that is very inconvenient to you. Therefore, you will be informed about treatment availability upon first contact.

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