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Specialist in guidance and treatment of psychological complaints related to pregnancy

For addressing psychological concerns that may require therapies with or without medication, as well as providing support for individuals who have experienced mental health issues related to pregnancy and wish to proactively prevent or effectively manage them in a timely manner.

Our services


Praktijk Lastage offers medical specialist treatment and guidance during pregnancy and throughout the first year postpartum. Additionally, pre-pregnancy care is available for those experiencing pregnancy-related issues or seeking preventive measures to avoid complications during a future pregnancy. This proactive approach helps to ensure timely treatment and care when needed. Together with you and your partner or significant other, we will develop a personalized plan to help identify potential issues early on and establish a course of action to address them. Treatment is also available for individuals coping with the challenges of (unfulfilled) parenthood desires or fertility concerns.


Praktijk Lastage provides targeted care to women experiencing mental health issues during menopause. The hormonal fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone, characteristic of this life phase, can lead to well-known vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, but also increase the risk of psychological issues like mood swings, depression, anxiety, and sleep problems. Our approach to treating menopausal complaints is based on current scientific insights and is tailored to each patient. At Praktijk Lastage, we emphasize carefully mapping out your symptoms and collaboratively exploring suitable treatment options, taking into account your personal situation and preferences.

Diagnostics and treatment

Apart from our specialized care for pregnancy-related psychological complaints, Praktijk Lastage also provides diagnostic and treatment options for a variety of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and difficulties with interpersonal relationships, including personality-related problems.


Medical specialist care

At Praktijk Lastage, an experienced psychiatrist will diagnose and treat your psychological complaints, following the latest medical insights and guidelines.


Praktijk Lastage considers your privacy important and offers the possibility to create a privacy statement. This statement allows you to communicate your preference to exclude some of your key medical data from third-party ICT systems, such as those managed by your health insurer or the Dutch government.

Without contracts

Praktijk Lastage does not have contracts with health insurers, but does provide medical care that is eligible for reimbursement in accordance with Dutch law. Depending on your health insurance policy, your healthcare costs may be partly or fully reimbursed. It is advisable to check with your health insurer about the possible conditions and reimbursement rates for non-contracted mental healthcare, specific to your insurance policy.

Quality Assurance

Quality statute

Praktijk Lastage adheres to Dutch law by maintaining a quality statute, which is available for viewing upon request in our practice. The majority of the information contained in the statute can also be found on this website.

Up to date

In the field of medicine, new insights and innovations are continuously emerging. At Praktijk Lastage, we stay up-to-date with the latest developments through continuous training and education aimed at broadening and deepening our knowledge. This ongoing education enables us to incorporate these innovations into our everyday interactions with patients in the treatment room.


Praktijk Lastage collaborates with independent psychiatrists and psychotherapists in the Amsterdam region, as well as with Amsterdam hospitals (primarily OLVG), general practitioners, laboratories, and pharmacies. Modern healthcare is not an isolated service between a doctor and patient, but part of a compex chain of professionals working together to achieve the best possible care for you.

Quality audit

Psychiatry is a medical specialization, and as such, Praktijk Lastage is subject to regular assessments by independent professionals to ensure that the quality of care provided meets established standards. This re-registration process, which occurs every 5 years, is a legally mandated mechanism for guaranteeing the expertise of healthcare providers.


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