Specialist in guidance and treatment of psychological complaints related to pregnancy

For treatment of psychological complaints with or without medication, or guidance if you had psychological complaints surrounding your pregnancy that you now would like to prevent or treat in time.

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Praktijk Lastage offers medical specialist treatment and guidance during, and in the first year after pregnancy. Treatment is also an option before the start of a pregnancy, if your complaints are pregnancy-related or  treatment is intended to prevent you from getting complaints during a subsequent pregnancy. This will help ensure you will be receiving treatment in time, should you need it. A signaling plan will be created together with you and your partner/significant other to help you identify possible problems in time and have a course of action ready. Psychotherapy for a (unfulfilled) desire to have children or around fertility questions is also possible.

Diagnostics and treatment

In addition, Praktijk Lastage offers diagnostics and treatment for mood disorders, anxiety disorders and complaints in the interaction with yourself and others (e.g. personality related problems).


Medical specialist care

Diagnosis and treatment of your complaints are carried out by an experienced psychiatrist, following current medical insights and guidelines.


Praktijk Lastage considers your privacy important and offers the possibility to draw up a privacy statement. With this statement you make it known that you do not want your medical data to be included in ICT systems of third parties, such as those of your health insurer and the ‘ICT information system’ of the Dutch government.

Without contracts

Praktijk Lastage has no contracts with health insurers, but does offer medical care that is (partly) reimbursed in accordance with Dutch law. Depending on your health insurance policy, healthcare costs will be partly or fully reimbursed. Ask your health insurer about the possible conditions and reimbursement rates for your specific insurance policy for non-contracted mental healthcare.

Quality Assurance

Quality statute

Praktijk Lastage has a quality statute, as required by Dutch law. A paper version can be viewed in the practice upon request. Most of the information in the statute is published on this website.

Up to date

In medicine there are continuous innovations and new insights. By means of continuous training and education aimed at broadening and/or deepening knowledge, these innovations also influence everyday contacts in the treatment room.


Praktijk Lastage collaborates with independent psychiatrists and psychotherapists in the Amsterdam region and also with the Amsterdam hospitals (mainly the OLVG), general practitioners, laboratories and pharmacies. Modern healthcare is not an isolated service between a doctor and patient, but is part of a compex chain of professionals working together to achieve the best possible care for you.

Quality audit

Psychiatry is a medical specialization. Every 5 years, Praktijk Lastage is assessed by independent professionals who determine whether the quality of care is sufficiently guaranteed at Praktijk Lastage. This re-registration is a legally established instrument to guarantee the expertise of healthcare providers.


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