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You are looking for an effective treatment for your complaints. A mental health treatment always concerns topics that affect you deeply personally. It is therefore quite conceivable that you find it pleasant and important to know who you will be dealing with and what professional qualifications and experience this practitioner has prior to your choice for a practitioner.

If you choose for Praktijk Lastage, the entire process of diagnosis and treatment will be carried out by me, Angela de Groot. I am a doctor and have psychiatry as a medical specialty. I studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam UMC (medical exam May 2005). I completed my specialization as a psychiatrist in November 2010 at Leiden University Medical Center. As part of my specialization, I worked at 2 location in Amsterdam, namely at the crisis service in Amsterdam (‘Spoedeisende Psychiatrie Amsterdam’) and the (then) Center for Psychotherapy and ‘Nederlands Psychoanalytisch Instituut’. After completing my specialization, I worked as a team psychiatrist at ‘De Hoofdlijn’, practice for psychotherapy and psychiatry, until May 2016. There I became proficient in small-scale and patient-oriented work. 

I make an effort to stay up to date with the field and expand my knowledge and skills. For example, I followed the advanced EMDR course. In recent years I have specialized in various forms of psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Dutch Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. I also keep my (pharmacological and psychotherapeutic) knowledge up to date by keeping up with current academic literature through a.o. Psyfar and the refresher courses that are given through the various associations of which I am a member:


I am and see myself as a medical specialist. I try to guide you towards long-term relief of your psychological complaints through scientifically proven effective strategies. For example, I could suggest that you use medication for a period of time to treat your complaints, if this is medically indicated, in addition to (short-term) psychotherapy. The choice of whether to follow such advice is up to you. The arguments for and against, e.g. use of medication and/or psychotherapy, will be part of the conversations we will have with each other. I strive for an open, unbiased attitude towards people and approach problems from a modern psychodynamic perspective. The pace of therapy is determined by you, because a change in how you look at, for example, your fears, certain events in your life or yourself cannot be forced.

Practice manager

In order to free Angela as much as possible for direct patient contact, I take care of background activities, such as invoicing, making annual reports, keeping track of and implementing changes in government regulations.

In addition, I work part-time at the University of Amsterdam as a researcher of neural networks in the brain. This additional role is unrelated to my work for the practice.