Which mental healthcare services does Praktijk Lastage offer?


All psychiatric disorders.

The outcome of the diagnostic process will be discussed with you after the intake procedure is complete. You will also receive a treatment advice. The treatment advice typically consists of one of the the three options below:

  • With your approval, you will follow a treatment from Praktijk Lastage.
  • You are advised to get help from an institution which offers more specialized treatment options for your mental health problems. .
  • You are referred back to your GP, with treatment advice which the GP will carry out if you approve.

Praktijk Lastage can treat:

Adults who suffer from mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma or psychological problems during pregnancy. This list is not exhaustive.

Praktijk Lastage cannot treat:

All care that requires 24/7 availability, such as required by psychotic disorders, severe substance abuse and/or severe social problems.

Treatment modes

Treatment typically take the form of either one of these three modes: a pure pharmacological treatment, a pure psychotherapeutic treatment, or a combination therapy in which pharmacological and psychotherapeutic strategies are combined to complement each other. The treatment always takes the approach that has been laid down in the relevant medical treatment directives (link 1, link 2, link 3; unfortunately the links are in Dutch only).

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